Wednesday, December 9, 2009

blade mistress

Or something like that.. this is more fun than I had in a while tho, and that's why I'm sharing the WIP. It started with a weird sketch that was inspired by 2h of deviantart browsing (which means it's 99.7% manga/anime oriented). She had a way bigger head/hair before I went over on the second round of detailing/paint-covering of her head.

I just like the fact it's just a girl and all I get to play with is the sexy and the "scy-fi-ish" part of it. Oh yeah. Another thing I tried was to keep the colors planned out before I went too crazy. Gonna be trying to work with dark and muted blue-greens and bright strong red-oranges.

*edit* Just called it done and here's the product. Don't want to be spending too much time rendering something that's just a concept study. I did enjoy it a lot tho =D.

Cheers! Have sum beers!