Friday, May 7, 2010


TGIF! Finals kicking in and the motivation is already flying ahead to the next semester. Cant's stop thinking about the story I want to write for creative writing class =]. And the best part of it.... being in Brazil with the folks and the bros while working on that !!!

These characters have a rough blurry but absolutely confirmed spot in my story =D. The portrait took a little longer to do since I tried to flesh and render him a little. The other dude is just a mess. Loving them both so far. Will surely flesh both of them out during the break. Little main character girls coming soon ... Thanks to my instructor Kristan Le (she's great) for the triple-pony-tail-karaoke-singing idea for the main character!!! LOL

Hope everyone has a great end of semester and a fun break!

* If u're asking urself "wtf where's the dude's arm?" The answer is I have no idea (yet)
**edit** Newer version for Shabbah the crazy giant god of something that I'm not sure what is... that he's god of... sigh