Monday, December 22, 2008

winter break!

YAY!!! Right now I'm writing from a classy United Airlines lounge waiting for my filght to Brazil on business class!!! I got the upgrade for free as an excuse from them, I guess, since they made me lose my connection to Sao Paulo yesterday... I really wish I was already there over all this free drinks and internet stuff... maybe the seats will be really nice on the plane and I'll change my mind, but w/e, I feel a bit special..

Anyways, the semester was awesome and there's so much to upload here, and most of it I just left at home in SF, and will only put it when spring semester starts. Right now I managed to treat up my final painting for figure painting class. It was a very fun 3 class assignment and I felt overwhelmed with the work since it was my first time painting on that size, which is 30x40 inches. There's still a lot of openings for work on that to make it look better, but I am pleased with the overall look of it and the color palette. I also really loved the models and their poses, it's just really nice and added a lot to the storytelling aspect of it.


Monday, December 1, 2008


I changed the colors of the blog cuz I was tired of the other colors. I hope it doesn't look too much like poop now. I like it. It feels like western/cowboy/leather/traditional to me, which makes no sense cause i'm not western, not a cowboy, don't wear leather and I'm definitely not traditional. I do like horses tho, a lot... Who cares? The pope? I don't know, maybe I care and so forth I changed. The title is also new and it was really hard to come up with, believe me. So many paintings to put in here, and such laziness to do so... I wonder which will win...

I should be doing homework so I guess I'll get to it... DALE GREMIO!!!