Sunday, May 17, 2009

Female Eriah

So... A little bit sad, lil bit disappointed, but life goes on. School ends and the real deal is somewhere out there, I'm just trying to find it =]. For now, I'm trying to keep myself busy working for an old archived game project of a brazillian friend of mine. Maybe if I show him some cool characters and environments, he might get motivated to finish it off and all ... All and all it's good practice, and I'm trying blend a couple of different photoshop techniques with what I usually do, it's been fun so far.

this is how the progress is going. I still wanna work much more on the background and I feel like the main character needs to have some of her details read better

Monday, May 4, 2009

Springshow prayers =]

This year I'm submitting 5 pieces to the show. Hopefully they won't all fail, but who knows. Even if nothing gets in, I still enjoyed working on and some of the results. Below is one of the submissions, which is a 20x30 print of some characters for the steampunk aladdin project.