Thursday, February 5, 2009

Games, fun, drawings

Besides making up bad jokes and drawings, I also really enjoy playing video-games. That might be one of the few things that I'm not that bad at =], like shooting three pointers maybe, or slam dunking in the good old days heh (that was fun)...
Anyways, I'm trying to get my pieces to kind of focus in a portfolio for the gaming industry, so from now on, I'll be trying hard to bring the class concepts/assignments to be something that could be appealing to those companies.

Blizzard's World of Warcraft is a big hit and there's about a dozen million of players around the globe, including me, who enjoy pretending we're badasses with cool powers, or badass shields good enough to keep us from being completely crushed by a giant dragon's bite. Well, here is the drawing for this assignment, I had a lot of fun putting up details and trying to make the characters very different from each other. I made it into a "WoW" theme, trying to bring up that challenge and see if I could match up with the beautiful art standards of that game.
I should have the painting of it done before next tuesday, so I'll post it here, as well as some turnarounds and stuff.

Cheers! Have a beer!


I've added a couple colored images, one with some color and a very rough background, and the other a little more finished with the background worked into something with a little more shape and story to it. I'm liking it. Tomorrow I'll put some more hours in it to really finish that one and move on to the next challenge =P.